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Saluki Basketball and the APR

September 26, 2012

By Tom Weber
Saluki Media Services

The Diamond Taylor story is a popular topic right now, and Mario Moccia, Barry Hinson and now, myself, have been quoted in the past 24 hours.

I was asked by yesterday if we were keeping Diamond Taylor on the team solely to avoid NCAA sanctions for the APR in 2013. I told him, no, it’s unfair to link NCAA sanctions to any one player. In fact, I proceeded to explain that there will be NO sanctions, because we will have an excellent 2013 APR score. It’s already in the can, and the Taylor situation has no bearing upon it.

That doesn’t mean Southern can ignore the APR going forward. It will factor into personnel decisions at SIU just as it does at every school. Both Moccia and Hinson have  acknowledged this. At the same time, if Coach Hinson didn’t feel he could salvage Taylor’s career as a student-athlete, he would not hesitate to remove him from the team.

I like the word “setback” that Coach Hinson used to describe Diamond’s situation. Hinson does not condone the behavior, but he is treating his player like a member of his family who has gone astray. There will be punishment, not exile, and hopefully Diamond will be the better for it.


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  1. Dereth Maxey permalink

    I hope Diamond wants to get on with his life, realizes how the Saluki family wants him to succeed, and work his butt off to prove himself. I remember when Jamaal had an incident dui, and that summer he stayed at campus to work on his game-then became MVC player of the year the next year (senior year). He is given a gift, is he going to throw it away? Give him counseling or whatever it takes. Move on-and up!

    • Rosalyn Roberts permalink

      I agree, many of us have erred in our youth. I hope he will learn and grow from his mistakes and become all he can be. I look forward to watching the team this season. Go dawgs!!

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